…a hazy and confused landscape

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… a hazy and confused landscape is a 4 channel video installation made from a propaganda film called Kreta. It shows the 1941 invasion of Crete by the German army. I found this 8mm film in a second hand photographic equipment shop in Berlin in 2008. Due to the format, I initially thought it might have been sold to a commercial audience during the war, but a film historian from Lisbon, told me that these kind of films were used to indoctrinate┬áthe recruits. There are no explicit images of violence in the film. It gives a positive, even glorified, impression of the war, and it reassures the recruits that they are on the ‘right’ side of the conflict. For this installation, I dismantled the original film. I cut, re-assembled, slowed and looped it in four sequences with the intention of frustrating its ideological sense.


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